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Rafic Hariri School of Nursing
  • Penrose Award
    A non-cash honorary award made on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership, and contribution to university life, to an outstanding graduate of the school.

  • Women’s Auxiliary Awards
      • Mary Crawford (Florence Nightingale)
      • Nada Alameddine Kanso
      • Emily Asfour
      • Agnes Shamaa
      • Leila Iliya
      • Helen Zarwi
      • Najla Morston
      • Jacqueline Rubeiz
      • Hanneh Shahine
      • Ann Smith
      • Cash and certificate awards are granted to senior students who meet the following criteria: academic achievement, professional integrity and seriousness of purpose, contribution to professional and university life, and willingness to join AUBMC after graduation.

  • Women’s Auxiliary Contracted Scholarship
    Annette Hajjar Scholarship. Recipient should work at AUBMC for the contracted period.

  • Lions Award
    A non-cash award granted to an outstanding student who has been commended by the faculty of the Rafic Hariri School of Nursing.

  • Scholarships
      • Abdul Aziz Al Bahar Scholarship
      • The Flora Family Foundation Scholarship
      • Aznive Etinoff
      • E & S Kerr
      • Samira Fadli Scholarship Fund
      • S. Shaheen
      • Terry and Pierre Abu Khater
      • Darwaza Scholarship


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