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Rafic Hariri School of Nursing

The MSN program prepares nurses for advanced nursing practice roles and uses research-based knowledge to guide practice. in addition to training advanced practice nurses for clinical, management, and administration positions, the graduate program also offers students the opportunity to work with faculty on research projects on a wide range of topics.

MSN students can specialize in one of four areas:


Nursing Graduate Brochure

Nursing Graduate Inserts


Graduate Courses Syllabus

NURS 500; Theories, Concepts and Ethical frameworks for Advanced Nursing Practice

NURS 501; Advanced Nursing Practice: Scope and Roles

NURS 502; Advanced Nursing Research

NURS 503; Advanced Health Assessment

NURS 503A; Advanced Health Assessment for Mental Health

NURS 504; Advanced Pathophysiology

NURS 505A; Advanced Practice in Adult-Gerontology I

NURS 505B; Advanced Practice in Adult-Gerontology II

NURS 506; Advanced Practice in Adult-Gerontology III

NURS 507; Essentials of Nursing Administration and Management

NURS 509; Role Development in Nursing Education

NURS 512; Advanced Psychiatric and Mental Health Assessment

NURS 516; Psychopathology and Human Behavior

NURS 517; Models of Treatment-Psychotherapy

NURS 518; Group and Family Psychotherapy

NURS 520; Managing Quality with Teams

NURS 522; Principles and Practice of Community Health Nursing

NURS 523; Advanced Community Assessment

NURS 524; Advance Practice in Community and Public Health Nursing

NURS 525; Leadership Theories and Application for Nurse Managers

NURS 527; Systems Approach to the Development and Evaluation of Health Care Services

NURS 530; Statistical Reasoning and Application in Nursing Research

NURS 531; Practical Applications of Budgeting in Nursing

IPEC 300; Interprofessional Education and Collaboration I


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