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Rafic Hariri School of Nursing
  • The Mohammad Almana’ College of Health Sciences (MACHS) project in Al-Khobar KSA which includes the Divisions of Nursing, Pharmacy, and Medical Laboratory Technology, is ongoing. Activities include consultations on curriculum development and other curricular issues, assistance with faculty recruitment and selection, and the appointment on a secondment basis of a coordinator for the Division of Nursing effective September 2008 as well as offering teaching excellence workshops in September and November/December 2008.

  • AUB entered a contractual agreement with NESMA group, a private company representing a consortium of parties in Jeddah reporting to Prince Khalid Al Faysal. The purpose of the agreement is to provide a business plan/feasibility study for the establishment of a Medical School, University Hospital and a School of Nursing among others in Jeddah. The plan will draw the roadmap for the project including establishing colleges, developing curricula, and estimating financial costs.

  • The HSON is collaborating with the Faculty of Health Sciences to evaluate the state of midwifery in Iraq. This is part of a larger project to ascertain human resource needs, in particular those of healthcare workers, and to plan for capacity building. The project is being funded by the UNFPA in collaboration with the Iraqi ministry of Health in Baghdad and Erbil. To date a workshop was held in Erbil to contextualize an assessment tool developed by the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM), and to train workshop attendees on data collection using the ICM tool. The primary aim is to be able to describe the scope of practice and training of midwives. Special emphasis is on identifying needed curricula changes based on ICM essential competencies.

  •  Hson Rep Projects ( pdf format)

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