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Artificial Intelligence Exploratory Research Grants

​​​Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining prominence in the technological landscape globally. Its unique potential raises open ended research questions that can drive opportunities and derive insights while creating critical challenges and risks. On one hand, AI offers unmatched power with its rich spectrum of deep learning architectures and foundation models applied to a wide spectrum of applications across various disciplines. On the other hand, the unregulated proliferation of AI, coupled with its decision-making autonomy, potential algorithmic biases, data privacy infringements, and pervasive surveillance, engenders ethical and existential reflections, necessitating responsible AI development that prioritizes transparency, fairness, and the well-being of humanity.

In this dynamic tech landscape and in alignment with its mission, the Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Computing (AI-DSC) Hub welcomes exploratory research proposals that aim to harness the power of AI and the value of big data for solving real-world problems with human, environmental, or societal impact. The Hub equally encourages proposals that advance fundamental theories behind AI algorithms and tools, as well as proposals that cut across multiple disciplines.  


Up to 8 proposals will be funded with a budget ceiling of 18,000 USD per proposal to cover expenditures that include research assistants or associates, data collection, and computing resources. The total duration of each grant is up to 18 months, with a progress report halfway through the project's lifetime.

The awardees will also benefit from guidance and support offered by the AI-DSC Hub to facilitate the development and implementation of their projects.

Eligibility: Full-time faculty members of any professorial rank who are not, or will not be, on unpaid leave during AY 2023-24 and AY 2024-25.

Submission process: Interested candidates are invited to submit a concise proposal, not exceeding 6 pages, by March 18, 2024. The proposal should clearly outline the idea/problem highlighting its originality and AI relevance. It should also incorporate the following elements: positioning with respect to current state-of-the art literature; well-defined research plan which lists objectives, anticipated outcomes, and expected impact; team qualifications; and project timeline. A detailed budget breakdown and curriculum vitae will also be required as part of the submission process.

Selection process: A search committee with relevant expertise will be established to oversee the review process. Submitted proposals will be evaluated based on relevance, novelty, potential impact, and feasibility. Priority will be given to projects that are exploratory addressing new questions/problems, and not a continuation or direct expansion of ongoing or already established research work. Proposals involving multiple faculty members across diverse disciplines will receive preferential consideration.

Shortlisted candidates may be invited for an interview to present their idea to the selection committee. The awards will be announced in a special ceremony during April 2024.​​

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