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Computing / Stats / Math

​​​​​​​​Research in Computing, Statistics, and Mathematics covers areas in Numerical Analysis, Theoretical Computer Science, Parallel and Distributed Computing,  Statistical Learning as well as Information theory, Cryptography, Graph Theory, and Optimization.​

Below is a list of selected faculty members who conduct research relevant to this area:

  • Abbas Alhakim​
    Probability theory, stochastic processes, combinatorics, graph theoryde Bruijn sequences.
  • Amer Mouawad​
    Algorithm design, graph theory, computational complexity, kernelization, combinatorics, combinatorial reconfiguration, and high performance computing​.
  • Aram Yeretzian​
    Optimization-based solution to enhance human wellbeing in the built environment.
  • Arij D​​aou
    Computational Physiology and Neuroscience.
  • Fadi Zaraket
    A​utomated reasoning for program correctness and information extraction from Arabic and medical documents.
  • Issam Lakkis
    Microfluidics & MEMS, Atmospheric & Ocean Modeling, Pollution Transport, Vortex Methods.
  • Fatima Abu Salem
    P​arallel and cache oblivious algorithms for Computer Algbera.
  • Fouad Zablith
    Representing, sharing, and processing data using knowledge graphs and semantic technologies.
  • Hazem Hajj
    Scalable Machine Learning algorithms for faster processing.
  • Izzat El Hajj
    Improving the performance of applications through parallel computing.
  • Louay Bazzi
    Theoretical computer science.
  • Mariette Awad
    E​fficient Learning Machines: shallow and deep architectures.
  • Mohamed Nassar
    Working on aspects of monitoring, explainability, trustworthiness and adversariality in machine learning. Applications of machine learning for cyber security​.
  • Nabil Nassif
    Numerical Analysis and Simulation, Computational Mathematics.
  • Mutasem Shehadeh
    Multiscale Modeling.
  • Rabih Jabr
    Optimization-based solution to enhance human wellbeing in the built environment.
  • Rouwaida Kanj
    Data balancing methods, sparse regression and bayesian methods, Rare Event Estimation, Importance ampling, Importance Splitting, hybrid sampling methods, sample reuse methods for rare event estimation, Correlated Memory Event Yield Estimation.​
  • Saeed Raheel
    Integrating Quantum Computing with Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, especially Arabic, to build more intelligent Agents that can be used in different domains such as Industry, Medicine, and Robotics​.
  • Samer Kharroubi
    Bayesian statistics, Bayesian modelling and inference, statistical computing, MCMC.
  • Siamak Taati
    Interplay between probability theory, symbolic dynamics, ergodic theory, computation theory, combinatorics, information theory, and applications of these in statistical physics and computer science​.
  • Sophie Moufawad
    Numerical Analysis, Computational Mathematics.
  • Stefano Monni

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