Civil Society Actors and Policy-Making



This program examines the role that civil society actors play in shaping and making policy. Specifically, the program focuses on the following aspects: how civil society actors organize themselves into advocacy coalitions; how policy networks are formed to influence policy processes and outcomes; and how policy research institutes contribute their research into policy. The program also explores the media’s expanding role, which some claim has catalyzed the Uprisings throughout the region.


Conduct a systematic analysis on issues relating to the role of civil society in the Arab countries that witnessed political and social changes. 
Explore the effect of the civil society on tracing policy change and improving public awareness in relation to social, political and economic rights.
Facilitate communication between Arab civil society actors and the governmental entities responsible for current issues. 
Trace policy research institutes’ role in translating knowledge into policies.
Accomplish rigorous research on issues related to gender and women’s rights in the Arab world.​

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