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    The AUB Issam Fares Institute received a generous endowment from the Makdisi family to honor the memory of Nadim A. Makdisi, one of Lebanon's accomplished journalists and publishers. Issam Fares Institute is honored to host the Nadim Makdisi Memorial Fund (NMMF) to support media and journalism students and research at AUB. Nadim Makdisi was born in 1921 in New York, the son of the late AUB professor Anis Makdisi and Selma Khoury. Dr. Makdisi an AUB student, completed his education at Columbia University and the American University, where he obtained a PhD in mass communications.

    Dr. Nadim Makdisi had a long and prolific professional career in media and mass communications which included working for Lebanese, Arab and American news media, including the Christian Science Monitor, the BBC, and TeleLiban in Lebanon. He created the first business magazine to cover the Arab region, "Alam Attijara".

    A World War II veteran, Makdisi's adventurous spirit lead him to work as a cab driver in New York City in order to discover the stories of the city. Makdisi established 2 programs at AUB; in 1996, the Pauline Nadim Makdisi Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund in honor of his wife, who died of cancer in 1990, and with his brother, AUB Economics Professor and former Minister Samir Makdisi, the Anis Makdisi Program in Literature at AUB.​

    ​Grants and Lecture

    The Nadim Makdisi Memorial Fund has two components: 

    • Invites a prominent journalist or expert in current affairs to give an annual public lecture at AUB;
    • Offers AUB students writing their thesis on contemporary issues in journalism and current affairs
      a resea​rch gra​nt.

    Call for Graduate Students Grant Proposals

    ​Deadline for full consideration: February 23, 2024

    Nadim Makdisi Memorial Fund (NMMF)​

    The Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs (IFI) at the American University of Beirut (AUB) received a generous endowment from the Richard Makdisi family to honor the memory of Nadim A. Makdisi (1921-2007), one of Lebanon’s accomplished journalists and publishers. Thanks to this fund IFI is honored to provide the Nadim Makdisi Memorial Fund (NMMF) to support AUB graduate students.​

    The NMMF Graduate Student Grant Eligibility Criteria​​

    1. AUB graduate student in good standing;​
    2. Working on a thesis or other significant graduate research project on current/international affairs, media studies or related areas of research related to the Arab region;
    3. Provide a detailed recommendation by their direct research advisor; and​
    4. Not have been previously awarded a grant from the NMMF.

    Terms of t​he Grant

    • Grants generally do not exceed USD 3,000 to support the applicant's research. Rare exceptions to this limit may be made if a clear and detailed justification is provided;
    • Grants can last for a period of 6 months from the date awarded. If the recipient needs an extension for his/her thesis/project, the NMMF Committee must be notified and should approve the extension;
    • Before receiving any grant money, the recipient’s research project must be approved by the Institutional Review Board, where relevant;
    • The recipient must submit all receipts of purchases covered by the fund to the Issam Fares Institute;
    • The recipient must include in their finalized thesis or any other publications resulting from the NMMF grant the following acknowledgement sentence: “This thesis [or other publication] was supported by the Nadim Makdisi Memorial Fund at the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs, AUB";
    • At the end of the grant period, recipient will submit a 500-word synopsis of the thesis/project that will be published on the Issam Fares Institute website.

    Application Requirements

    1. Fill out the Application Form​;
    2. Provide a CV;
    3. Include a recommendati​on letter by the direct research advisor.

    Interested students should send the required documents to before February 23, 2024 for full consideration. ​

    Access previous successful proposals: Application Example​​ ||| Prop​​osal Example

    NMMF Awarded Students


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