Climate Change and Environment




The Climate Change and the Environment program was originally launched in 2008 as "The Research and Policy Forum on Climate Change and Environment in the Arab World". The program's approach aims to use academics technical expertise to answer socially driven questions on climate change and environment in order to fill policy gaps in Lebanon and the Arab World. Topics are tackled in a multidisciplinary approach using both Social and Applied Sciences perspectives to answer the same hypotheses. Working towards 2015, the program will seek to promote the generation of social science knowledge on environment and climate change issues in the Arab countries, and to integrate natural and social sciences.​

The Program's Strategic Objectives​

  1. To support IFI overall mission to understand the policy process, specifically that which gives rise to environment /climate change policies
  2. To define the most appropriate policy recommendations by linking development in Applied Sciences on issues related to climate change and environment to Social Sciences and develop an information bridge between academics/researchers and pertinent officials in the government, government agencies, the media, civil society and others involved in implementing or influencing public policy in Arab countries
  3. To influence national and regional debates in International negotiations on climate change and sustainable development through analytical research

The Short Term Program's Objectives

  1. To harness and promote multidisciplinary research in transportation and agriculture in relation to climate change and environment in order to enrich public policy debate in Lebanon and the Arab World
  2. Analyze and track the framing of environment and climate change policies and international negotiations 
  3. Analyze and critique current events in environment and climate change in the Arab region's context

​The objectives of the program will follow five tracks​​

​Track 1​

​Sustainable Transportation​
​Track 2
Agriculture and Climate Change​
​Track 3
​Framing Environment / Climate Change Policies and International Negotiations
​Track 4
​Guiding Principles towards a National Adaptation Plan
​Track 5
​Current events and advocacy

Main Contacts​

Nadim Farajalla, Program Director
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Rana El-Hajj, Program Manager
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