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  • Tuesday, April 15, from 5-7pm, Dr. George Nasr, Professor at the Lebanese University

    Tuesday, April 10, 5:30pm, jointly organized with the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health, the Tobacco Control Research Group at AUB and IFI, " Is Lebanon Ready for Tobacco Control? Lessons to be learned!" Dr. Gregory Connolly, School of Public Health, Harvard, Boston, USA.
    Tuesday, April 8, from 4-6pm, Dr. Nabil Nemer, Associate faculty member at the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, AUB. in forestry, Entomology, Insect Behavior, Chemical Ecology.
    Tuesday, April 1, from 5-7pm "Post- Kyoto Policies: How Can Arab Countries Meet Climate Change Challenges After 2012? by Wael Hmaidan, Executive Director of Indyact- The League of Independent Activists.
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