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 IFI Newsletter Issue No.15 - March 2013

 Public Policy in the Arab World 
Jerusalem Discourse and Future Challenges

  The Institute for Palestine Studies (IPS) and IFI held a conference in Beirut in early March entitled, "Jerusalem Discourse and Future Challenges," which highlighted the challenges facing Jerusalem city and looked at the current discourse on Jerusalem from the perspectives of the most critical players. The conference aimed to open a platform for discussion and action on the issue of Jerusalem. Eleven scholars presented their papers in four different panels:

  • The Current Status of Jerusalem and the Palestinian Discourse
  • The Arab/Islamic and Jordanian Discourses
  • The European /American and Christian Church Discourses
  • The Israeli Discourse and Jerusalem in International Resolutions

The conference concluded that there is a great need for knowledge production and research on the issue of Jerusalem. Tarif Khalidi noted in his closing comments the important movements that bring Jerusalem to the forefront such as the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. It was also argued that Jerusalem should take a central place in research in all fields, not only the political. In addition there was a call for the involvement of non-Arab academics in research on Jerusalem, and a network of research institutes partnering with each other on this critical issue.
Video: Session 1 ||| Session 2 ||| Session 3 ||| Session 4

Research, Advocacy and Public Policy-making World
IFI workshop explores "knowledge translation"

  IFI organized the third technical workshop of the Consortium for Arab Policy Research Institutes (CAPRI) project at the American University of Beirut (AUB) in late February, aiming to provide a platform for sharing successful experiences in knowledge translation as part of the policy-making process. It highlighted the existing gap between research and public policy-makers, and the critical need to make research more relevant and easily accessible to policy-making. Participants joined the workshop from Iraq, Egypt, Qatar and Lebanon. Facilitators presented the perspective of the researcher as well as that of civil society organizations and Policy Research Institutes (PRIs) in the knowledge translation process. Case studies illustrated how research produced in academic settings is transformed into knowledge that informs policy decisions and is relevant to policy-makers and other key actors in civil society.
AUB Arab Uprisings Lecture Series

   This IFI-CAMES (Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies)Arab Uprisings Lecture Series builds on the AUB Arab Uprisings Symposium held in Spring 2012, and focuses on the shifting power dynamics, new players, and other critical themes, to allow for a better understanding of the new regional landscape. The most recent speakers have focused on the contentious political scene in Egypt, with Joel Beinin looking at the role of workers and unions, and Paul Amar presenting the new complex landscape of social movements in Egypt.
  Recent lectures from the series:

Will Lebanon transition to a fully-fledged democracy? Economic and Political Perspectives
   In a panel discussion organized by the Institute of Financial Economics and IFI, Dr.Samir Makdisi, IFI Distinguished Senior Fellow, was joined by George Corm, Youssef El-Khalil and other scholars to look at the Lebanese consociationalism system in light of the ongoing developments in the Arab world. They analyzed Lebanon's post- independence politico/economic developments against the backdrop of the ongoing Arab uprisings, to evaluate whether and how Lebanon can move forward towards a mature democracy.

Video | | | Read Article

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IFI at Woodrow Wilson Center
  "Lessons Learned and Challenges Ahead in the Arab Awakening": a panel discussion which included IFI director Rami G. Khouri, at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, D.C. More 
Book Launch
Book Launch
“Torture: A sociology of Violence and Human Rights” a book launch and panel discussion by Dr. Lisa Hajjar, CASAR Visiting Associate Professor and IFI Senior Research Fellow - Video
MENA Policy Links Seminar
  Dr. Fadi El-Jardali and Dr. Hana El-Ghali of the Research, Advocacy and Public Policy-making program at IFI participated in a two-day seminar on "MENA Policy Links" organized by the Westminster Foundation for Democracy and held at the Lebanese parliament. The seminar brought together policy analysts and parliamentarians from the MENA region in an attempt to improve linkages between them and engage in constructive dialogue on key issues.
John Waterbury writes on Political Economy of Climate Change
 "Political Economy of Climate Change in the Arab region" is the title of the paper published by Dr. John Waterbury, AUB's President Emeritus and IFI's Distinguished Senior Public Policy Fellow, in the Arab Human Development Report Paper Series (AHDR). UNDP Webpage ||| English ||| Arabic
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