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Manar Zaiter

Manar is a Lebanese human rights activist, researcher, and a lawyer since 2003. Manar received her law degree from the Lebanese University and served as a legal advisor with different international and local organizations concerned with human rights issues in Lebanon. In addition to her legal contribution, Manar served as a project coordinator for awareness and educational projects related to women’s issues in Lebanon. She also worked as a trainer with local and regional NGOs on international mechanisms to protect human rights. Manar was the director of the Democratic Lebanese Gathering for Women until 2016 and a member of the National Coalition to Resist Violence Against Women in Lebanon.



Rasha Jarhum

Rasha is a Yemeni senior development policy advisor and social researcher. Rasha has been working in the humanitarian and development fields, for over 15 years and advocating for human rights regarding women, children, and refugees. Rasha’s research focuses on social policy, including gender, governance/elections, peace & conflict resolution, and social protection. Rasha has worked with various organizations such as Oxfam, UNDP, UNICEF and ESCWA. Rasha has an MA in International Business Management from the University of Nottingham, and is currently pursuing her PhD in Sociology and Social Policy at Bangor University, UK. Rasha is an Aspen New Voices Fellow for 2016 with Aspen Institute, USA.


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