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Refugee Research and Policy in the Arab World
Research Report

No Place to Stay: Reflections on the Syrian Refugee Shelter Policy in Lebanon
Dr. Nasser Yassin, Tarek Osseiran, Rima Rassi, Marwa Boustani
English ||| Arabic

Reconfiguring Relief Mechanisms: The Syrian Refugee Crisis in Lebanon
Rabih Shibli, Associate Director for Development and Community Projects, American University of Beirut

This paper highlights the specificity of the refugee crisis in the unstable Lebanese landscape and calls for the reconfiguring of current relief mechanisms by enabling decentralized local authorities to lead the process. Crisis Management Teams (CMTs), part of Mohafazat councils, will be responsible of collaborating with national and international agencies, planning and monitoring relief projects. The paper also draws on the experience gained by the Community Projects and Development unit (CDPu) – American University of Beirut (AUB), and recommends engaging refugees in municipal public works along ecological lines, as a means to highlight self-reliance among the refugees’ communities and to alleviate rising tensions among refugees and the host communities. Read report

Policy Brief

Enhanced Local Coordination for Effective Aid Provision: The Case of Lebanon
Marwa Boustani, Urban planner and researcher at UN-Habitat
Estella Carpi,
Postdoctoral research associate at University College London
Hayat Gebara, Urban researcher at UN-Habitat
Yara Mourad, Program coordinator at the Issam Fares Institute, American University of Beirut

Giving Better: Lessons from Cash Grants for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon
Daniel Masterson : Affiliated Scholar, IFI-AUB
English ||| Arabic

Social Cohesion and Intergroup Relations: Syrian Refugees and Lebanese Nationals in the Bekaa and Akkar
Dr. Charles Harb,Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, AUB
Dr. Reem Saab,Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, AUB
Refugee Research and Policy in the Arab World
English ||| Arabic

Working Paper

WP#39: “Responding to the Syrian crisis in Lebanon: Collaboration between aid agencies and local governance structures”. co-authored by
Yara Mourad, Program Coordinator in the Refugee Research and Policy in the Arab World Program
This Paper is a collaboration between IIED, UN-Habitat, Urban Crises, and the Issam Fares Institute.

WP#38: “Municipal Service Delivery, Stability, Social Cohesion and Legitimacy in Lebanon”.
A co-publication by the Developmental Leadership Program and the Issam Fares Institute, and authored by Lama Mourad and Laure-Hélène Piron.

WPS #33: The Legal Status of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon
Maja Yanmyr, IFI Affiliated Scholar,

WPS #22: Governance between Isolation and Integration: A Study on the Interaction between Lebanese State Institutions and Palestinian Authorities in Shabriha Gathering, South Lebanon
Nora Stel,
IFI Affiliated Scholar

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