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IFI appoints award-winning former Washington Post correspondent Nora Boustany as its second resident "Writer-In-Residence" fellow, a post conferred on prominent journalists and writers from the Middle East and other parts of the world. Anthony Shadid was the first fellow in 2008.

Nora Boustany

Nora BoustanyNora Boustany is the second Writer-in-Residence at IFI, following Anthony Shadid in 2007-2008. Boustany is currently based in Beirut conducting research at AUB's library for her book – a cultural memoir of the Boustany family meshed into her own narrative as a Lebanese-American who has had a distinguished 32-year career in U.S. media. At AUB, she will participate in selected IFI activities and will give the second Issam Fares Institute Writer-in-Residence Lecture at AUB.

Having been raised and schooled in Beirut, Boustany is an AUB alumnus, class of 1975. After completing her graduate studies at the University of Missouri-Columbia, she returned to Lebanon for a two-year stint at United Press International. In 1979, she began free-lancing for The Washington Post, and in 1988 was hired on as staff exclusively by the Post and worked from Beirut, Amman and Washington D.C., including as diplomatic columnist. She has also contributed to The Financial Times, The Sunday Times and the London Observer.

Boustany is the recipient of the George Polk award (1987), Sigma Delta Chi award in foreign news correspondence (1989), and holds a lifetime achievement award in the category of foreign news reporting from the University of Wisconsin School of Journalism (1992). She is also a three-time nominee for the Pulitzer Prize, for which she was a finalist in 1987 for her coverage of war-scarred Lebanon and the siege of the Palestinian camp of Bourj Al Barajneh.

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Nora Boustany inaugurated the annual Nadim Makdisi Memorial Fund lecture on January 18, 2010
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Anthony Shadid

Anthony ShadidThe late Anthony Shadid, the first IFI Writer In Residence, took a year off from his duties as Beirut-based Middle East correspondent for the Washington Post newspaper, and used his stay at AUB to research and write a book. He participated in selected IFI activities, and in early 2008 gave the first annual Issam Fares Institute Writer-in-Residence Lecture at AUB.

Shadid had a distinguished career with the Washington Post, the Boston Globe and the Associated Press, serving in Washington, Cairo, Los Angeles, Baghdad, and Beirut. He won the 2004 Pulitzer Prize for his international reporting that year, primarily from Iraq. His book, Night Draws Near: Iraq's People in the Shadow of America's War, has also been widely acclaimed.

An American of Lebanese descent, he was a native of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, and a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and Columbia University.

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Anthony Shadid lecture: Loss and Nostalgia in the Middle East
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