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    Description and Objectives

    The MS in Environmental Sciences provides students with the research capabilities, assessment skills, and practical knowledge needed to become environmental scientists. Depending on their interests, students can focus on a specific major. It focuses on problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills by emphasizing the case study approach to learning and solving environmental problems. Click to view the brochure for the MS in Environmental Sc​iences in PDF format.


    Criteria for Admission


    Admission requirements to the Master of Science in Environmental Sciences are the same as outlined in the admission website. To be eligible for admission to the program leading to the degree of Master of Science in Environmental Sciences Program, candidates must:

    • meet general university requirements for admission to graduate study, in addition to the below:

    - At least two letters of recommendation are required.

    - A detailed statement of purpose (around 400-500 words) for each major indicating the purpose for pursuing graduate study in the particular field at AUB, and specifying the applicant's research interests and/or practical experience in the field is required. The statement should be oriented to the major

    - Student should have relevant background to the major.

    • be recommended by the appropriate faculty graduate committee and accepted by the Interfaculty Coordinating Committee of the program 
    • Applicants to the program may be admitted under the following categories:
      graduate - if the average in the last 60 credits or the last two years is greater than 80
      graduate on probation - if the average in the last 60 credits or the last two years is less than 80 and greater than 75

    Adequate preparation to take any graduate course is decided by the academic advisor and the Interfaculty Graduate Environmental Sciences Program Committee (IGESPC).


    For complete and detailed information regarding admission, including application forms, application procedures and deadline requirements please visit AUB Office of Admissions. 


    Degree Requirements

    Requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Environmental Sciences (any major), both thesis and non-thesis options, are tabulated below. The master’s degree with thesis option will normally require between 20 and 24 months to be completed. In both options, the student is required to complete 30 credits of which 9 credits are core courses.


    Course Group Thesis Option Credits Non-Thesis Option Credits
    Core A 9 9
    Electives B 15 18
    Thesis 6
    Project ​3
    Total number of credits required for graduation 30 30


    Core courses, as well as basic and broad electives, are listed below. Other relevant electives not listed below may be accepted on a case-by-case basis. These courses are structured to provide students with a diversified and multi-disciplinary background in environmental sciences. Students have to register the core course offered by their faculty of concentration. Students are also required to select two other supplementary courses from the list of core courses approved by the program. Students may not select two core courses from the same faculty. Students can take other elective courses from other faculties after securing the approval of the advisor. Specific Faculty/Department requirements are defined under each respective Faculty/Department.


     Core Courses in Environmental Sciences Credits
    ENSC 630/LDEM 630 Natural Resources Management 3
    ENSC 640/ENHL 310 Toxicology and Environmental Health Hazards 3
    ENSC 650/PSPA 316 International Environmental Policy 3
    ​One of the following offered courses ​ ​
    ENSC 600/CIVE 655 Air Pollution and Control 3
    CIVE 552 Waste Management and Treatment 3
    CIVE 550 Water Treatment and Laboratory 3
    CIVE 551 Wastewater Treatment and Laboratory 3
    CIVE 553 Environmental Biotechnology 3
    CIVE 654 Environmental Bioremediation 3


    For elective courses and courses description, please visit AUB graduate catalogue:


    Cost of Attendance

    Tuition costs are charged per credit hour, according to the rates established by the Office of the Comptroller. Additional costs of student attendance may include travel, lodging, personal expenses, and student and other fees. ​For more information on estimated costs of attendance, please consult the Office of Financial Aid or use the Office of Admissions tui​tion calculator.


    Graduation Requirements

    To be eligible for graduation with a master's degree in Environmental Sciences, a graduate student must have:

    • satisfied promotion requirements throughout the program;
    • completed the credit hours of course work required by the program;
    • passed the comprehensive examination;
    • completed thesis or project requirements, as appropriate; and
    • met the residence requirements specified for the master's degree in the section on General University Academic Information in AUB catalogue
    • Filling Graduation Forms:

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