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Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Institutional Review Board (IRB)

    ​The Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) at AUB is responsible to safeguard the rights and welfare of human subjects participating in Biomedical and Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) research activities conducted under the auspices of AUB/AUBMC. It is committed to protect, ensure respect and foster awareness for those rights. This is achieved by governing and authorizing the conduct of research that follows the three ethical principles of the Belmont Report namely: Respect for Persons; Beneficence and Justice; and that abides by the principles of responsible research conduct scientific integrity.

    The IRB, that is the core component of HRPP, is the committee formally designated by HRPP to review and approve the conduct of research involving human subjects who are recruited to participate in research activities conducted at AUB/AUBMC and/or by AUB/AUBMC faculty, students and staff, regardless of the funding source or the location of the research.​

    ​Latest Announcements

    Important Notice - July 6, 2020: Lifting Restrictions on Research Related Activities:

    As of July 6, 2020, research-related activities at AUBMC may proceed as approved by the IRB prior to the pandemic while observing the Infection Control department recommendations and precautions while conducting research-related activities. PI's are held responsible to apply the set forth precautions as below: 

    1. Implement hand hygiene before and after every interaction with participants.
    2. Screen research team members on a regular basis for COVID-19 exposure through temperature readings.
    3. Screen participants for COVID-19 exposure by asking them a set of questions as detailed in the attached memo.
    4. Face masks must be worn by researchers and participants at all times.
    5. Implement and maintain physical distancing for at least 2 meters.
    6. For high-risk participants, including those over 65 years of age or those with known comorbidities, who are not presenting for clinical purposes, the decision about in-person research visits to our site should be made by the study principal investigator on a case-by-case basis, weighing risks of person-to-person contact against the potential benefits of the study intervention and monitoring
    7. Limit the presence of participants at a given time to less than 3 while maintaining appropriate physical distancing.  
    8. Regularly clean/disinfect high touch surfaces and when visibly dirty (shared materials, equipment, workstations, keypads, etc.) using approved AUBMC disinfectants.
    9. Ventilate the workplace daily, preferably with natural ventilation by opening the window. In the case of AC, maintain recirculation with outdoor air. Avoid the use of individual fans.

    Research protocols held outside AUBMC site will be reviewed and approved on a case by case basis upon ensuring that appropriate arrangements have been put in place to protect participants and research team members during person to person encounters.

    For more details on precautions that need to observed upon interacting with research participants, please refer the following link  

    Important Notice - March 16, 2020 (Online Submissions):


    In view of the evolving situation in Lebanon in regards to COVID-19 pandemic, the HRPP and IRB at AUB will be switching its operations to electronic communications.

    Until further notice, please submit your IRB applications, research materials, continuing review forms, study closure forms, and serious adverse events reports (SAEs) as email attachments to  In order to help IRB staff efficiently sort and route emails and thus avoid delays, please follow the attached instructions:

    IRB submission Updates

    SBS application for Exemption/Limited Review is updated. (Please check this link to access the updated application form) 
    IRB Request for Approval of Medical Record Review form is updated. (Please check the link to access the form)

    HRPP Policies and Procedures Update:
    Policy of Patient Enrollment in Clinical Research is updated and posted in the Policies and Procedures section of this website. Please check the policy details and practice instructions. (Patient Enrollment in Clinical Research)
    Announcement For 2019-2020 Graduate students Planning To Conduct Research Projects That Involve Human Subjects:
    The IRB has established a new student support service to help graduate students with IRB submissions to expedite the review and approval process. (please check the link for details
    Important Announcement for IRB Submissions:
    In order to expedite and facilitate the review process of your research submissions at the IRB office, please make sure to send the IRB application, research protocol/proposal and all related documents as a hard copy to the IRB office and as a SOFT COPY to the​​ email address. Please specify the name of the PI and the title of the research study in the email subject line to facilitate channeling your application to the right IRB office.








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