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Islam Today
The Idea of Islam Today: Towards Non-Orientalist Genealogies

An International Symposium in Honor of Talal Asad

Inaugurating its new program in Islamic Studies, the AUB is hosting an international symposium in honor of Talal Asad entitled "The Idea of Islam Today: Towards Non-Orientalist Genealogies."

Talal Asad is perhaps best known for his interventions in the anthropology of religion and secularism, but his theoretical reflections are not bound by disciplinary strictures. Encompassing texts and translation, law, ethics, war, history, political economy, humanitarianism, postcolonial studies, as well as contemporary politics, Asad’s work has been critical in shaping a generation of scholars from across the academy.

As it celebrates the work of this inspiring scholar, the meeting aims to think through the idea of Islam in and from the region.

The symposium is made possible by the generous sponsorship of the Arts and Humanities Initiative, the Office of the Provost, the Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies, and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Special thanks are also due to the Orient-Institut Beirut for its support and cooperation.

For further inquiries, please contact: 

Dahlia Gubara, Arts and Humanities Initiative (

Alexis Wick, Department of History and Archaeology (

Key Dates


Sep 1-10: 'Reading Talal Asad in Beirut' intensive seminar

Sep 25: Keynote event, with Talal Asad, David Scott, and Ahmad Dallal

Sep 25-26: Symposium panels

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