Mail Access Guide
  • How to access your AUB Office 365 Mailbox (for Students and Alumni)


    NB If you are a New AUB Student, you must Activate Your AUBnet Account first.

    To log in to your AUB Office 365 Mailbox:
    1. Go to
    2. Please enter your AUB Office 365 email address that consists of your AUBnet username followed by

    Example: If your AUBnet username is xxx00, your AUB Office 365 email address would be

    3. Enter your AUBNet password
    4. Click on Sign In


    Office 365 FAQs:

    What is my primary email address?
    Your primary email address is

    Do I still have an email address?
    Yes, your email adress is an alias, so all emails addressed to you as will be delivered directly to your AUB Office 365 mailbox.

    What happens after I change my AUBnet password?
    When you change your AUBnet password, a secure process is initiated shortly to update your AUB Office 365 password.

    How to configure my email on my mobile, smart phone, Outlook client etc?
    You may follow the instructions described in this link