Moodle Online Quizzes

​​​​​​​​​Quizzes are one of the most successful tools in Moodle. They allow student assessment using different types of objectives (multiple choices, true and false, matching, etc.) and/or subjective (essay) questions. Students can get their grades on objective questions upon submission of the completed quiz. As an instructor with editing access, you have the option of showing/hiding scores, responses, answers after the quiz is closed.

If you decide to turn your back on the tedious task of correcting exams and to benefit from Moodle quizzes, all you have to do is reserve a computer lab on campus (see list of Available Computer Labs at AUB) that can accommodate your students and inform the Moodle administrator by filling the Assistance in Online Quizzes form. ACPS can assist you in conducting successful online quizzes in Moodle in a proctored and secured environment.

ACPS support starts with instructing how to create the question database, checking the quiz settings, testing the quiz by taking it as a student, sending an ACPS representative for technical support during the delivery of the quiz and finally checking submissions and question analysis after the quiz is closed.

Please follow closely all 3 steps below: