New Faculty Employees

  • ​​​To activate your AUB account/ email, click​​ here
  • ​To activate your AUBsis account (Banner):
  1. Create a temporary AUBsis pin, click here​
  2. ​Reset your AUBsis pin, click here

The below three services are available after one hour of AUBnet account activation:
  1. ​Login to AUBsis as a faculty, click here
  2. To access your AUB email (Read/ Send), click here for web based access and here for Email Client Configuration
  3. To configure AUB Wireless Co​nnection, click here

  • For those residing in AUB Faculty apartments on campus, to check housing wireless connection configuration, refer to or contact ext. 2120
  • To install/ run standard AUB applications on AUB windows joined machines[Office,End Note,Adobe Reader,Adobe Flash,Java], click here
  • To access New Faculty Orientation presentation, click here​ 
  • For a complete list of IT services, click here
  • ​​For more info or assistance, please contact IT Help Desk.