​​​​​February ​16​​, 17, ​​​​18 2018​​​

The Eighth Inte​rnational Conference on Effective Teaching and ​Learning in Higher Education​​

​J​​anu​​ary 2​0​​​​18

​Launch of the new HR System

​September 9, 2​​​017

Digital Transformation Middle East 2017 Conference (Day 2)​​

​September 8, 20​​17

Digital Transformation Middle East 2017 Conference (Day 1)​​​

May 20, 2017​​

Middle East & Africa Imagine Cup Lebanon 2017​​​

​May 17,​​​ 2017​​

AUB Tuition Calculator​​​

​May 17, 201​​​7​


Ransomware Alert: Protection Guidelines​​​​​


​​​September 12, 2018​​

AUB is now featured on Google Street along with 40 other Lebanese landmarks in the newly launched Lebanon Highlights​​​

​July 10, 20​​​18

Maher Kassab (IT Manager, Libraries) Winner of the President's Service Excellence Award​

June 201​​8

​Launch of the High Performance Computing (HPC) Service​​

​​​June 20, 2018

Dr. Yousif Asfour Interview on NBN (TechCARE Agreement)​​

May 201​​​8

Signing ceremony of the Technology Cooperation Agreement for Research and Education (TechCARE)

March 20​​​​18

AUB's Digital Transformation with the student at heart

​May 17,2​​017​

AUB​ Tuition Calculator​

​​​​February ​6, 201​​​7

AUB IT is pleased to announce the publishing of its Service Catalog​​

​January 25, 2017​

Photo Upload Service: IT Department​​

​January 19,​​ 2017

EUMEDCONNECT3 project extension and Lebanon capacity upgrade​​​