Managing your Web Quota

What's my monthly assigned web quota?
No quota is currently being applied to Faculty. 

Can I buy additional web quota?
This service is no longer needed. 

Is there quota free web access?
This service is no longer needed. 

Can I sponsor a visitor/departmental account?
To sponsor a new AUBnet account, print, fill the "Sponsored AUBnet User Account‚Äč" PDF form (file opens in a new window) and send it to the Comptroller's Office for budget approval. 

Audit Trail:
Under special circumstances and to solve special problems regarding specific usage, IT office will provide a detailed listing of all transactions for a specific user.

Account and Interactive System User Identification Security:
All AUBnet computing services are protected against unauthorized use through password security methods. .

For more information contact IT helpdesk at ext 2260 or by email at