• Wifi Configuration

    1. Check your pre-requisites:

    You should have an active AUBnet account:

    1. Click here to check your Account Status
    2. Click here to activate your AUB Account 

    You should have a supported Operating System with an operational Network Card
    WIN 7 and above-MAC OS  10.8 and above-Android 4.4 and above-IOS 9 and above-Linux (Tested on UBUNTU 16.04)

    1. Configure Your Device:

    1-Connect to AUBdot1X Wireless Network


    Configuration Guides:

    Click here for Android devices

    Click here for iPhone devices 

    Click here for Mac devices 

    Click here for Windows 7 

    Click here for​ ​Windows 10

     Important Notes:
    • IT HelpDesk agents will only provide help with the configuration once students have tried to configure their devices themselves.
    • IT Service Desk does not support personal devices except in configuration.
    • Configuration for wirless devices is done according to the manuals present online.
    • If you have forgotten your AUBnet password, you can reset it by going to one of the above offices. Make sure you have your AUB ID with you.
    • If you have forgotten your AUBnet username, you can look it up in the AUB Directory website  
    • AUBsis ID and pin code are different from your AUBnet username and password.