The Undergraduate Research Volunteer Program (URVP) initiative

The URVP (Undergraduate Research Volunteer Program) is a new initiative that targets AUB undergraduate students interested in academic research. It aims at providing students with an enriching research experience and the opportunity to work with and learn from faculty members, physicians and other professionals.

The URVP capitalizes on the success of the Medical Research Volunteer Program (MRVP), which has been founded by Drs. Bilal Kaafarani and Hani Tamim in 2014.  The URVP provides volunteer-based research opportunities for undergraduate students across all faculties/schools throughout the academic year. Its implementation is facilitated by the Office of the Provost via a state-of-the-art new digital platform (URVP portal) that has been developed by the Office of IT based on the MRVP portal features, which allows automated matching of undergraduate students to faculty research projects.