AUB Tuition Calculator


The Office of Admissions, in collaboration with the Office of Information Technology (IT) created the AUB Tuition Calculator​ which is designed to help prospective students better plan their educational costs. The Calculator takes into consideration the tuition rates that vary between different faculties/schools and student level. Additional living expenses during the study period are also incorporated. 

The Tuition Calculator is intended to provide an estimate of the total educational cost of attending AUB and includes tuition fees, dorms, books and supplies in addition to living expenses such as food, transportation, and other miscellaneous costs. The calculation is based solely on the information that the student enters into the system, creating a rough estimate of a semester/academic year total cost. 

The calculator, however, does not include information about the financial assistance AUB could provide in terms of need-based aid, merit-based scholarships, local and US Federal loans, both Federal and non-Federal grants, work study, or graduate and research assistantship.