​The American University of Beirut featured in the Middle East edition of Business Chief

The American University of Beirut is currently undergoing a huge digital transformation with the student at heart. Through a five-year digital transformation plan, AUB is redefining its entire IT infrastructure with the ultimate goal of enriching the lives of its students. AUB can call upon the leadership and guidance of Dr Yousif Asfour as CIO. Over the course of an extensive career, Asfour's professional life has taken him from electrical engineering and developing hardware and software for large scale technology companies, right through to the role of CTO and CIO. It's fair to say that Asfour has lived and breathed technology and this has provided him with a key understanding of how technology can support and drive wider strategic thinking.  “In many ways, I grew into IT from the bottom. In moving from hardware design to software development to business consulting, I think it gave me two things," he says. “First, a deep appreciation for how technology is designed and built. It also helped me understand how technology can be used to improve business. So, one of my strengths, I feel, is being able to translate between the two worlds of technology and business."​

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