Resources for the Learner
  • As a student there are certain tips and steps you can take to make sure you are staying on top of your technology-enhanced courses. Below are important points to remember.


    1. Make sure you’re ‘ready’, sign in before 15 minutes before the start of the live session. If there is any reason why you will find it difficult to engage in technology-enhanced learning (e.g. poor Wi-Fi connection, don’t have a digital device, don’t have the right software), notify your lecturer in case alternative arrangements need to be put in place.
    2. Familiarize yourself with the Learning Management System(LMS) that AUB uses which is Moodle and always check it for new material and announcements.
    3. Set up a workstation wherever you are joining from. This should be free of distractions, but you may wish to have home comforts (tea, sweets, fruit) at arms' length so you're able to settle in and stay motivated.
    4. Help one another...This can be an unsettling time for students, as you adapt to a new environment but you're all in this together. Consider hosting study sessions within your class via Skype, or create a shared OneDrive Document so you can share notes. And don't forget to ask questions if you're unsure of anything.
    5. Build a routine. Don't think of the time at home as time off; see it as a normal day at college. Create a timetable for yourself, including breakfast, and study breaks, as well as the lecturer/seminar times. You may wish to use Outlook calendar.
    6. Make use of communication methods such as live chat and discussion boards. These are an excellent way to immerse yourself in the technology-enhanced lecture and they will make the learning experience more active and more engaging (and maybe even more enjoyable) for you and for the lecturer.
    7. Familiarize yourself with what support services are available remotely – AUB has details on how you can access Counselling, Disability Services etc. whilst the university is closed.


    1. Treat a technology-enhanced course like a “real” course.
    2. Always check Moodle.
    3. Know your deadlines.
    4. Manage your time wisely.
    5. Establish a good study space and eliminate distractions
    6. Stay organized.
    7. Be ready 15 minutes before your scheduled session and test your system.
    8. Schedule regular meetings/calls with your peers and instructors.
    9. Actively participate.
    10. Make a Study Plan.


    When taking technology-enhanced courses, it can be a challenge to schedule virtual office hours with your instructors. To make this process easier, AUB-IT recommends that your instructors use Microsoft Bookings and Cisco WebEx Meetings, online and mobile apps.



    • ​Fo​r support on the material content and deliverables, contact your course instructor
    • For technical questions, reach out to IT support by sending an email to​​

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