Supported Tools for Technology-Enhanced Teaching
  • There are many learning technology tools that can help you teach your students beyond the classroom walls. At AUB-IT, we have selected the top tools for simple content presentation, interactive lecture creation, Learning Management System uses, managing student workload and virtual lab access. Below you will find videos and guides to assist you with any tool you may need to continue teaching during this time.


    • Create Voice Over PowerPoints (VOP)
    To ensure all information in your PowerPoint lectures are transmitted to your students as if they were explained in class, you can choose the option of Voice Over PowerPoint.

    Bits of Knowledge: Recording VOP

    Voice Over PowerPoint for Windows Guide
    Voice Over PowerPoint for Mac Guide​ ​

    • Conduct live sessions with Cisco WebEx
    If you are in a situation where you must meet your students, you can connect with them through Cisco WebEx. 
    To learn more about this tool contact one of the contact numbers for your faculty under the Help & Guidance section.

    Get Started with Cisco Webex Meetings - for Attendees

    • Create an Interactive Learning Module

    Many of you are already voice recording your PowerPoint presentations and might be thinking how you can monitor your students' progress and engage them beyond the lecture. You can do that by creating an interactive learning module that keeps the intellectual momentum of the course running. Check out the video below to get started.

    Bits of Knowledge: Uplift Your Lectures

    You can also follow these simple steps:

    • Divide your PowerPoints into several parts.

    • Voice record each part and save it as an MP4 video
    • Draft 1-2 questions related to each part using this Questions Template.
    • Send us the different voice recorded parts in video format along with the questions by filling this form: Create My Interactive Learning Module
    • We will then compile everything, package the interactive learning module for you and place it in your Moodle course withing 24 hours.


    • Moodle
    Moodle is the official Learning Management System at AUB. In this crisis situation, it is your new classroom where you can share course content with your students, create assignments, discussion activities, collaborative activiies and quizzes. It is the space that ties everything together the same way a classroom would.

    Bits of Knowledge: Basic Moodle Uses
    Bits of Knowledge: Fun Moodle Tips - Coming Soon

    I want to upload my course content to Moodle

    I want to create a discussion forum on Moodle

    I want to create an assignment on Moodle 

    I want to grade my activities on Moodle 


    • Virtual Office Hours

    When teaching technology-enhanced courses, it can be a challenge to hold virtual office hours with students. To help you schedule office hours with your students AUB-IT recommends using Microsoft Bookings and Cisco WebEx Meetings, online and mobile apps that can be accessed using your AUB credentials.
    1. Set up your WebEx Meetings personal room.
    2. Set up your Microsoft Bookings page.
    3. Start your office hours.

    Bits of Knowledge: Virtual Office Hours - COMING SOON


    • AUB Virtual Computer Lab

    This service provides your students with access to virtual computer labs with software applications they need in their courses. Below are a few of the benefits of this service:
    1. Using an Internet browser, any AUB student can now use AUB’s virtual computer labs, anytime, anywhere and from any device.
    2. Just like computer labs on campus, this lab provides students with software ready to be used for learning, without the hassle of installing and activating the software on personal devices.
    3. Software available includes SPSS, R and R Studio, Matlab, MS Visual Studio, Eclipse, Python, Processing, Android Studio, Atom + anaconda, Autodesk and more. Depending on major, a student may have access to other virtual labs with more specialized software installed.

    Bits of Knowledge: AUB Virtual Lab (vLab)

    A Guide to the AUB Virtual Computer Lab

    • AUB Student Workload Dashboard

    As you modify your syllabi, course schedules and requirements, you may face challenges in setting new deadlines for quizzes, assignments, and projects.  To help manage the situation, the Office of Information Technology has created an AUB Student Workload Dashboard that provides you important information on your students’ “workload”, in each of their classes.

    Since the usefulness of this tool depends primarily on the completeness of the input data, you are all urged to use it to enter the relevant information for your courses, and to update that information whenever changes are made.  

    Below are easy steps to get started:

    1. Access the Dashboard:
    2. Use your AUB username/password to login
    3. The application provides two main features:
    • The Home page: This is the main portal that shows all the quiz and assignment due dates for the students registered in your courses.
      • After login, you will see a calendar view (1 week) with a heat map of the quiz and due dates. The heat map is for all the assignments and quizzes the students in a given course section have from all the courses (CRNs) in which they are registered, including yours, provided that the course instructors have entered the data (see section b below for how to enter your course data)
      • If you scroll down the page you will see a listing of the load by day. You can click on the “Number of Students" to see the names of the students impacted.
    • The submission page: This is the portal used to enter the dates assignments, quizzes, etc. It provides a listing of all the quiz and assignment due dates you have entered for your courses. Initially, it will show no entries. 
      • To enter your data, first click on the “Create +" link on the upper right corner.
      • You can edit or delete an entry at any time (e.g. as you may change dates).
      • The page will show the listing of all the quizzes and assignments you have entered.


    In addition to all the course resources traditionally used in AUB courses, moving to a technology-enhanced teaching method may require faculty members to use readily-available online resources to support their teaching. There are a plethora of educational repositories for all academic subjects and it can seem overwhelming to dive into a search for external resources that are aligned with the student learning outcomes. For this, we are sharing with you a long list of reliable sources for online resources that support learning. Below is a comprehensive list to get you started. We also encourage you to email us any resources you are using so we can add it to the list below and share it with the rest of the community.


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