​​​Philosophy, Sciences and Theology in the Islamicate World of the Ninth Century

October 21,22, 2019
AUB College Hall Auditorium B1

The conference aims at investigating points of contact between falsafa, the scientific tradition and early kalam during the formative period. The focus on the ninth century will enable us to examine how creative appropriations of past theories and new ideas crystallized to meet new intellectual challenges in a period in which these interactions were particularly intense. We are especially interested in the reception of the Greek logical and epistemological tradition, the Byzantine contribution, and the role played by the medical tradition.

Co-sponsored by the Farouk Jabre Centre for Arabic & Islamic Sciences and Philosophy (American University of Beirut) and the joint project “Galen in Arabic (GAIA) – More than a Translation", the conference is  co-organized by Emma Gannagé (Department of Philosophy, AUB), Pauline Koetschet (Institut français du Proche-Orient, IFPO) and Elvira Wakelnig (University of Vienna).