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Blogs from the Classroom by K2P

​​​​Blogs from the Classroom by K2P is developed by graduate students enrolled in the Masters of Public Health program at the Faculty of Health Sciences at the American University of Beirut, as an assignment in the course: Policy and Decision-making in Healthcare (HMPD318). The blogs were edited by the K2P team members.​​​

The ​Repatriation Plan of Syrian Refugees: Unsettling Matters

Written by Mariam Awada and Batoul Atwi


​​Road Traffic Injuries: The Power of Media

Written by Ahmad Addam and Racha Soubra

Climate Chan​ge: Is the Media Getting it Right​​​

​Written by Nadine Darwiche and Kareem Kiwan

Monkeypo​x: What to Believe?

​Written by Housin Al Shamali and Lydia Kazan

​​​​Layoffs and Covid-19 in the newsroom: How can journalists better report?

Written By Layal Ghamloush and Carine Naim


The number 1 Covid-19 patient: Economy!

​Written by Mariam Beydoun and Lyne El Khatib


The Covid-19 game-changer: Hydroxychloroquine

​Written by Mariam Rizk and Zeinab Awad


Covid-19 a natural or a man-made pandemic?

Written by Sumaia Al Ghurbani and Jana Assaf


​​​​​To what extent can the media be trusted?

Written by Sanaa Khandaqji and Anastasia Salame

​​​Schools Reopening AmidCOVID-19 Pandemic: Should Schools Re-open?

Written by Lara Hamed and Mariana Khajadourian

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