K2P In The News

​​K2P Advocacy Lead Specialist Ms. Rana Saleh explaining the underlying factors of Childhood Obesity and Overweight in Lebanon​, on Fame Fm, with Mireille Mazraani.

K2P Advocacy Lead Specialist Ms. Rana Saleh ​discusses evidence around Childhood Obesity Rates in Lebanon, and the importance of Promoting Effective School Policies for Childhood Overweight & Obesity Prevention in Lebanon, on Al Araby Tv the morning show “Sabah El Nour”.

K2P Advocacy Lead Specialist Ms. Rana Saleh sharing with Annahar the reality of Childhood Obesity and Overweight cases in Lebanon, and the role of schools in solving this problem.​

K2P Associate Director Dr. Rima Nakkash highlighting the importance of Advocacy in Promoting Effective School Policies for Childhood Overwight & Obesity Prevention in Lebanon, ​on Radio Delta.

K2P Advocacy Lead Specialist Ms. Rana Saleh ​underlining the role of parents in Childhood Obesity and Overweight Prevention in Lebanon, in addition tot he role of schools on OTV Lebanon.​

K2P Senior Researcher Mrs. Lama Bou Karroum ​go deeply into evidence regarding the legalization of cannabis cultivation in Lebanon, on LBCI news bulletin.​

K2P Evidence Lead Specialist, Mrs. Sarah Soueidan presenting local and region evidence on palliative care services and the need to integrate these services into the health system in Lebanon on AlAraby Tv during the morning show "Sabah E​l Noor".​

​​K2P Advocacy Lead, Ms. Rana Saleh tackled the issue of implementing Law 174 related to prohibiting smoking in closed public spaces on Wold No Smoking Day, with Journalist Nawal Abboud on Radio Voice of Lebanon (100.3-100.5)​

​​​​​​​​K2P Director, Dr. Fadi El Jardali, discussed the new opportunities of collaboration between academia and the public sector in OTV News Bulletin.​

K2P Researcher Ms. Elise Barakat shared K2P's findings on how electoral candidates tackled health and social care priorities in their electoral programs on LBCI Midnight News Bulletin with Sobhiya Najjar​ and on Radio Aghani Aghani with Sana Nasr. 

​​​​K2P Evidence Lead Specialist, Ms. Clara Abou Samra showed evidence on the importance of Strengthening Child Protection Practices in Healthcare Institutions in Lebanon on OTV, in the morning show "Yom Jdid", and on LBCI midnight Bulletin Al Akhbar Mn 3endak. Check the OTV interview​​​​​. Check LBCI interview​

​​​Annahar article tackled the issue of Child Protection Practices in Healthcare Institutions in Lebanon.

K2P Advocacy Lead, Ms. Rana Saleh, discussing the challenges of Protecting Breastfeeding in Lebanon on Al Araby TV Morning Show-Sabah El Kheir.  Check the interview 

K2P Advocacy Lead, Ms. Rana Saleh, highlighted the problem of Childhood Obesity in Lebanon on Kif Sohtak on Al Jadeed.  Check the interview

​​​​​​K2P Director, Dr. Fadi El-Jardali, was interviewed by OTV regarding the K2P Policy Dialogue on Emergency Medical Services​ . Check the interview​

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