​​​1-What is K2People?​

K2People aims at engaging with the community to bridge the gap between evidence and practice on priority health topics. This platform identifies priority topics to be addressed through K2P products from the general public, civil society, students​, health professionals, organizations, academics, journalists and policymakers.​

2-What topics fit K2P work?                                                        

1- Is there an existing health policy that requires amendments or not implemented well?
2- Do you know of a particular public health issue that requires a public/organizational policy?
3- Do you know of a health policy that could improve the healthcare system in Lebanon?
4- Do you have an idea that can improve the engagement of the public in health policy issues?​​

3-Which K2P Product to choose?​

K2P can provide a wide array of products that can find the best policy answers for these health issues.​

​ Submit your ideas on K2PEOPLE Survey: 

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