K2P Priority Setting

​​​​K2P Center constantly identifies policy relevant priorities by engaging policymakers and stakeholders in different priority setting exercises

priority setting.JPG
K2P has a set of 15 criteria for consideration when selecting priority topics:

1. Is the topic important?

2. Has the topic already been recognized as a policy challenge?

3. Has the topic already been integrated in the policy cycle?

4. Is there public interest on the topic?

5. Is there sufficient local evidence?

6. Are viable options available to address the topic?

7. Is there an opportunity for change?

8. Is there important uncertainty about the topic and potential solutions?

9. Is relevant research evidence available?

10. Is there interest in informed deliberation about the problem and potential solutions?

11. Does the topic have a national and regional relevance?

12. Is the topic being researched by faculty members from the Faculty of Health Sciences and other faculties at the American University of Beirut?

13. Is it feasible for the center to track outputs, outcomes and impacts of the use of evidence into policy?

14. Are you aiming for long term or short term wins?

15. Is the topic clear and well defined?​