Mission, Vision & Objectives


​​​Our mission is to draw on an unparalleled breadth of synthesized evidence and context-specific knowledge by producing briefs and conducting policy dialogues to impact policy agendas and action.​​



​​We aim to serve as a leading hub for strengthening public policy and practice and improving health and social outcomes in the Arab world through collective problem solving.​


  • Support and build Knowledge Translation (KT) capacity of research networks, civil society, researchers, policy makers and the media including capacity of health policy making institutions;
  • Inform the production, packaging and sharing of evidence from public health research in an objective manner and based on current and emerging policy making priorities;
  • Inform policy making in an objective manner using the best available evidence that can be prepared and packaged given time and resource constraints;
  • ​​​​Develop and test models for KT that are culturally appropriate, relevant, and effective for the region.