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​​​​​​​​​This portal is provided as a service to the glob​al community concerned with the Syria question and its regional and global implications. 

The focus is on health, when possible, but we also provides links to resources across a range of topics of interest to discussions on health and the Syrian conflict.     

​The links are not comprehensive. We claim no responsibility for the content of the links provided. We do not endorse views expressed or data provided in the links.

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The development of this Portal has been made possible through support f​rom the Peace & Human Rights Division of the Swiss Federal Depa​rtment of Foreign Affairs.

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  • Accountability (see Justice & accountability)
  • Aleppo
  • Animal health (see OneHealth)
  • Atrocities (see War crimes, crimes against humanity, & other mass atrocities)
  • Attacks on healthcare (see Knowledge Resource Portal | Attacks on, & Protecting, healthcare in conflict)
  • Attacks on civilians and civilian structures (see War crimes, crimes against humanity, & other mass atrocities) 


  • Besieged​ areas (see Siege)
  • Bibliography on Syria
  • Books on Syria (selected)
  • Brussels conferences (see Conferences & meetings related to health in the Syrian conflict)
  • Burden of disease
  • Burden of war 


  • Cancer (see NCDs)
  • Casualties
  • Chemical weapons & attacks 
  • Children​​ and youth
  • Chronic conditions (see NCDs)
  • Civil society
  • Communicable diseases (see Infectious diseases)
  • Conferences & meetings related to health in the Syrian conflict (selected)
  • Conflict analysis 
  • Conflict economy (see Economy)
  • Conflict events, monitoring & analysis (see also Books on Syria)
  • COVID-19
  • Crimes against humanity (see War crimes, crimes against humanity, & other mass atrocities)
  • Crisis mapping 
  • Cultural heritage


  • Daraa (see Southern Syria)
  • Data on Syria (See Health data & country profile)
  • Deaths (see Casualties)  
  • Demography (See Internal displacement & demographic change and Refugees)​​​​
  • Deir AL-Zour
  • Demining ​[see Unexploded ordnances (UO)/Explosive remnants of war(ERW)] 
  • Destruction & urbicide  
  • Detention / detainees 
  • Disability 
  • Displacement (See Internal displacement & demographic change and Refugees)​​
  • Document depositories
  • Drugs (narcotics and other illicit drugs)  ​                   


  • Economy
  • Educational opportunities related to war, conflict, humanitarian crises, and health  
  • Early warning systems
  • Emergency rescue and relief   
  • Environmental destruction  
  • Explosive weapons in populated areas & Explosive remnants of war​ - ERW


  • Food security & nutrition


  • Gender-based violence (see Sexual & gender-based violence)
  • Ghouta (see Southern Syria)


  • Health clusters (see Humanitarian assistance & response)
  • Health data & country profile 
  • Health information
  • Health systems
  • Health services for people inside Syria 
  • ​Health services for refugees (see Refugees)  
  • Health workers (or Human resources for health - HRH)  
  • Healthcare needs
  • Healthy Villages Program
  • Host communities (see also Refugees)
  • Housing, Land and Property (HLP) and legal documentation issues 
  • Human rights   ​
  • Humanitarian assistance & response (including access, negotiations...)


  • ​​Idlib (see Northwest Syria)
  • Inequalities and inequities 
  • Impunity (see War crimes & crimes against humanity and Justice & accountability) 
  • Infectious diseases 
  • Infographics (theme armed conflict & health)
  • Injuries of war 
  • Internal displacement & demographic change
  • International organizations engaged with the Syrian crisis (see Organizations)
  • International Humanitarian Law (see War crimes, crimes against humanity, & other mass atrocities)


  • Justice & accountability


  • Knowledge production on health & Syrian conflict
  • Kobani (see Northeast Syria) 


  • Lancet resources on Syria ​
  • Lancet-American University of Beirut Commission on Syria
  • Landimes and landmine action 
  • ​​Learning from the Syria crisis
  • Legal documentation [See Housing, Land & Property (HLP) & legal documentation]
  • Leishmaniasis (see Infectious diseases) 


  • Maps (see Crisis mapping)
  • Mass atrocities (see War crimes, crimes against humanity, & other mass atrocities)
  • Mass casualty 
  • Medicines 
  • Mental health 
  • Medical education & training 
  • Migration 
  • Morbidity
  • Mortality (see Casualties)


  • Narcotics (see Drugs) 
  • National Agenda for the Future of Syria Programme - ESCWA
  • NCDs (Non-communicable diseases & conditions or chronic conditions​)
  • News websites
  • NGOs (non-governmental organizations), Syria
  • Northwest Syria 
  • Northeast Syria​
  • NSAGs (Non-State Armed Groups), humanitarian engagement with (See Humanitarian aid & response)
  • Nutrition (see Food security & nutrition)

​ ​O

  • OneHealth
  • Oral health


  • Photoessays​ (see also Stories & testimonials)
  • Polio (see Infectious diseases)
  • Political economy (see Economy) 


  • Reconstruction / rebuilding 
  • Refugees
  • Relief work (see Humanitarian assistance & response) 
  • Reproductive health (see Sexual & reproductive health)
  • Research (see Knowledge production on health & the Syrian conflict)
  • Responsibility to Protect (R2P) ​​​


  • Sanctions  
  • Sarin gas (see Chemical weapons & attacks)
  • Sexual & gender-based violence (SGBV)​
  • Siege (see War crimes, crimes against humanity, & other mass atrocities​)
  • ​Spatial analytics ​
  • Statelessness [See Housing, Land & Property (HLP) & legal documentation]
  • Stories & testimonials
  • Surveillance systems



  • UN agencies ​​& organizations engaged in the Syria crisis (see Organizations) 
  • UN resolutions on Syria 
  • Unexploded ordnance of war - UXO (see Explosive weapons in populated areas & explosive remnants of war - ERW)​ ​ ​


  • Veterinary issues (see OneHealth) 
  • Violations of international law (see War crimes, crimes against humanity, & other mass atrocities) 


  • War crimes, crimes against humanity, & other mass atrocities 
  • War economy (see Economy)
  • War studies (see Conflict events, monitoring & analysis and Books on Syria)​  
  • Weaponization of healthcare (see Knowledge Resource Portal | Attacks on, & Protecting, healthcare in conflict)
  • Weapons used in the Syrian conflict
  • Whole-of-Syria response (see Humanitarian assistance & respons)
  • Why Syria matters
  • Women (see also Sexual & gender-based violence)


  • Youth (see Children & youth)

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