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Aim & Objectives

​​The primary aim of The Lancet-AUB Commission on Syria: Health in Conflict is to produce the best possible science and mobilize global action to strengthen the response to the Syrian conflict with a particular focus on health.   

The objectives in relation to Syria are to: 

  • ​Analyze the profound impacts of the Syria conflict for Syria, the region and the world
    • ​​Focus on current and projected future health, health system and development
  • Examine the international response to the conflict and how the conflict in Syria has held up a mirror to broader global crises in global governance, health and aid:
    • Focus on protection of life, health and dignity, violations of international law, global refugee mismanagement, and pitfalls of the global humanitarian aid regime
  • Develop concrete recommendations to:
    • Address the unmet current and future health needs related to the Syrian conflict
    • Strengthen the global governance, health and aid response to the conflict and to other political conflicts (including prevention)​
  • ​​​​​Mobilize globa​​l action to strengthen the response to the conflict with a particular focus on health
    • Focus on implementing the recommendations of the Commission
However, the Commission has additional important objectives

In relation to the region

  • Build academic institutional capacity to sustainably engage in health and armed conflict
  • Engage researchers, practitioners and advocates to collaborate on health issues related to endemic wars and armed conflicts.


  • ​Advance research on health and armed conflict, building on the Commission's work on Syria
  • Develop an international network of thought leaders, researchers, practitioners and advocates to advance the field of health and armed conflict

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