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"Both Petit and Altman were fortunate in that they had many role models in their lives and in their careers. Both cite their many influences and they do so repeatedly. They remark on the influence of others in their ability to think freely and clearly, and to experiment boldly in an uninhibited fashion. These are exactly the qualities our students look to from us as a society of scholars, as faculty, staff, alumni and trustees. They are looking for role models."
- President Fadlo Khuri, Opening Ceremony - September 7, 2015

"Nowhere in the Arab world is there such a concentration of indigenous academic talent as on the resplendent acreage of AUB. Like vintage wine, this talent is an organic, matured, accumulation. Quality, free discourse, and diversity are still the distinctive hallmarks of AUB and in these, the sine qua non of any university, AUB is second to none in the Arab world."
Walid Khalidi
Senior Research Fellow
Centre for Middle Eastern Studies and Member,
AUB International Advisory Board
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