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Energy Finance in the Middle East

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Because of current and emerging financing models of energy projects in the region and to highlighgt the challenges that investors and governments face particularly when considering power projects, the Munib and Angela Masri Intitute of Energy and Natural Resources held its 6th annual workshop on January 22, 2016 "Energy Finance in the Middle East: Uncertainties and Opportunities”​. The workshop aimed to offer a better understanding of such topics and to contribute to AUB's expanding energy programs and research. ​

The workshop featured talks by AUB President Fadlo Khuri, AUB Trustee Munib Masri, FEA  Dean Makram Suiedan, HE Arthur Nazarian ( Ministry of Energy and Water), and Masri Institute Director Dr. Nesreen Ghaddar. 

A forum of fourteen experts and three panels which focused on energy financing issues of critical relevance for Lebanon and the region was also a part of the workshop. ​​​​


  • Regional outlook and country perspectives: Countries across the Middle East are gradually shifting away from using fossil fuel to generate power in an attempt to promote their energy security and reduce the opportunity cost of burning oil and gas. An overview of demand projections and national policies is needed to discuss the scale of investments required over the coming decades and the influences that may shape the future energy mix. 
  • Country and technology-based challenges: The challenges that governments and investors face in the region when considering energy projects differ from one country to another inlcuding: economic standing, geopolitics and technological and human resource capacity.  
  • Models of project financing: The variability of the elements that dictate the type of financing models in the region and the risk involved lead sometimes to the creation of new models that are tailored to the specific needs of countries and investors.  
  • Risk management and influences: Prices of oil and natural gas, nuclear safety records, government support and stability, and the rate of decline in the costs of renewable technologies are all important factors that would shape decision-making for both governments and investors. 


  • ​​MONEERA Concept - Case for Change, Mr. Tarek Zebian, Director of Communication and Research at the Capital Markets Authority
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