American University of Beirut

2020 - 2022

​​2021 - 2022

Hybrid Solid‐Liquid Composite Wall panel for Sustainable Indoor Humidity Pumping - Kamel Aboughali, Mohamad Hmadeh
Duration: 2 years - Staring date July 1, 2022
Topic: Sustainable de-humidification of indoor spaces

Long-Term Stable Ionic Liquid and Polymer Based Dye Sensitized Solar Cells for Powering up Small Appliances and IoTs under Ambient Light Conditions​ - Tarek Ghaddar
Duration: 2 years - Starting date July 1, 2022
Topic: Solar cells for powering up small appliances

​​2020 - 2021​

​Sustainable Large Scale Stationary Energy Harvesting: Optimization and Engineering StabilityAsghar Aryanfar, Sabla Alnouri, Ali Tehrani
Duration: 2 years- Starting date September 1, 2020
Topic: Innovative technologies for effective energy capture

Sustainable Adsorption Cooling Systems with Direct Air Capture of Carbon Dioxide for Use in Classrooms in UniversitiesKamel Ghali, Mohamad Hmadeh​
Duration: 2 years- Starting date September 1, 2020
Topic: De-carbonization of buildings—innovative affordable solutions towards zero-energy buildings Or Building energy performance and integration of renewable energy resources​​​​


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