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MEPI-TLG Graduate Internships with Para Professional, Wakilni, Tadarab

Of the 23 MEPI-TLG LiDS and PGRM students (12 females and 11 males), the following three students reported either securing an internship or participating in an internship.

Hussein Darwish (Lebanon) started his internship as a paraprofessional trainee in the Human Resources Audit and Assurance division at Tadarab in Deloitte Middle East . Deloitte, which mainly looks after the needs of its business community, had provided independent professional advice and services in Lebanon since 1942.

Sara Harba (Syria) interned at Wakilni in March. With their main operation in Lebanon, Wakilni is a company that provides logistics services to shops and individuals all over Lebanon. Their mission is to connect shops with their clients, through dealings with shop owners, both physical and online, and deliver products to the shops' clients all over Lebanon. Also, individuals can directly order from the company by going to the variety of shops that Wakilni has a partnership with. Their beneficiaries are the shops and individuals who cannot shop physically, especially during COVID-19 lockdown restrictions and the road blockages. Sara was able to use her analytical skills to analyze the problems that Wakilni faced in the customer service department and in general. She built two reports over the course of four weeks by observing the operations at the office and gathering data from customer calls. She highlighted the challenges and obstacles that exist in their operations and suggested a number of recommendations that might mitigate or reduce those risks during implementation. Sara reflected that she was able to view different leadership skills of top managers at Wakilni and that gave her a perspective on what kind of leader it takes to run a growing business. Additionally, she used her communication skills to conduct informative discussions with managers and employees, then used their guidance to spot the mistakes in her analysis and take corrective actions to ensure the maximum benefit to the company's operations.

Sarah Al Bouery (Lebanon) has secured an internship with the Lebanese Center for Political Studies in the summer of 2021. Sarah will be working on research on Gender and Politics. 

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