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The units listed here are all located on AUB campus or AUBMC. They are available for you to access any time. It is preferred that you check with each unit's updates on its terms and conditions.

Counseling Center​ *

Office of Student Affairs, West Hall, Room 210

The Counseling Center provides short-term psychological support and crisis intervention free of charge for AUB students to help them gain increased awareness, independence, and effective daily habits. ​Students can book an appointment through the online calendar system and the services are on a first-come/first-serve basis.

University Health Services

AUBMC, Sawwaf Bldg.
01-350000 ext. 3000

AUB’s University Health Services (UHS) offers mental health services to AUB students, faculty and staff. All the family physicians at UHS are qualified to identify mental problems, prescribe appropriate medications if needed and provide medical follow up. If the family physician judges that the condition needs the consultation of a specialist, they will issue a referral to AUBMC mental health specialists such as psychologists or psychiatrists.

If you are enrolled in AUB’s Health insurance plan (what is called HIP), you benefit from a mental health coverage plan for inpatient and outpatient care. Terms and conditions do apply. Please contact the benefits office for further information to discuss your case.  ​​

​Department of Psychiatry

AUBMC, ACC Bldg, 4th Floor

​tudents, faculty and staff can seek psychological and psychiatric support after referral from UHS. The department can be contacted directly if you are not an HIP member.
Services at the Department of Psychiatry include outpatient visitations, Emergency Department (the “ER”) , and inpatient stay if necessary. 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)**

​AUBMC, Sawwaf Bldg.
Contact the Health and Wellness Center: ext. 8030, ​3002​

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides counseling services to employees in the Employee Health Department, by trained psychologists from the Department of Psychiatry at AUBMC. The services are offered at no cost and no referrals are needed.

​Other offices involved in Academic and Mental well-being are the following :

Equity/Title IX office

College Hall 4th Floor, Room 425
01-350000 ext. 2514​

The Equity/Title IX office coordinates AUB's response to discrimination and discriminatory harassment including sex- or gender-based harassment.

Accessible Education Office

West Hall - 3rd floor - Room 304

Extension: 3168​​

If you are a student with special needs and you are seeking accommodations in your courses and programs, we encourage you to reach out to the accessible education office. AUB strives to foster an inclusive university community that welcomes, respects, and values people of diverse backgrounds and abilities whether mental, physical, and psychological.

Please note that office locations and extension numbers are subject to change over time, you can visit the website of each unit for updated information. ​

In case of an emergency, please head to the ER Department
or if you need an ambulance call ext. 7777

For HIP members, contact the Benefits Office for more information on your mental health coverage plan at 01-350000 ext. 2329

​*     Services are provided free of charge
**   Services are provided free of charge and no HIP referrals needed

​​​Mental Health Matters​​!

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