Campus Materials Management Department
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    ​The Campus Materials Management Department is committed to support the University's educational and research​ goals and meeting the users' demands through providing efficient and well planned inventory services for essential products of superior quality.

    ​​​​Core Services​

    ​​The organization of the Campus Materials Management Department (formerly known as Supply Department) serving AUB since 1969, follows the modern concept of "functional" organization, where each organizational component or individual is responsible for performing one or more specific functions for all types and categories of materials, rather than for performing all functions for one or more specific categories of material.

    The logic for this organizational concept is that the basic principles of the inventory management do not vary, whether we are dealing with eggs or with pig iron; similarly, the basic methods for lifting, moving, stacking, and handling material vary only in the degree of care that must be exercised for each particular type of material. The Campus Materials Management Department with all its divisions (including its 11 different stores of about 5400 items of a value $3,000,000), offers services to various departments in both AUB and AUB​MC campuses.​