Minor in Bioengineering Design

The Biomedical Engineering (BMEN) program offers a Minor in Bioengineering Design that is open to undergraduate students undertaking a major degree in engineering, basic sciences, biomedical sciences, health sciences, computer science and mathematics fields. The minor is aimed at preparing students for design and innovation in the field of bioengineering and will educate students on the process of designing engineering solutions with a focus on biomedical and healthcare applications.​ 

This is achieved through a set of courses that include two new courses, BMEN501 and BMEN502. In BMEN501 “Bioengineering Design Fundamentals”, students will be exposed to the key steps of engineering design from needs assessment and problem identification to prototyping and validation including concepts, methodologies and tools with focus on biomedical and healthcare use cases. BMEN501 is a regular course and includes weekly lectures by the instructor and invited guests, assignments, a course project and several quizzes. In BMEN502 “Bioengineering Design Capstone”, students will apply the engineering process to an interdisciplinary biomedical project with joint mentoring from MSFEA and FM faculty members. 

​The minor also includes additional courses aimed at covering basic background in biology/physiology, a broad overview of the various subfields of biomedical engineering, and advanced topics.​