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The mission of the Biomedical Engineering (BMEN) ​program is to provide excellent education and promote innovative research, enabling students to apply knowledge and approaches from the biomedical and clinical sciences in conjunction with design and quantitative principles, methods, and tools from the engineering disciplines to address human health related challenges of high relevance to Lebanon, the Middle East, and beyond. The program prepares its students to be leaders in their chosen areas of specialization committed to lifelong learning, critical thinking, and intellectual honesty.


The central goals of the BMEN program are to facilitate the development of students into independent researchers, specialized engineers, and/or qualified educators by providing well-rounded interdisciplinary education and to foster research creativity to positively impact the health and medical sectors in Lebanon and the region. These goals will be achieved via:

  • Offering a rich curriculum designed jointly by MSFEA/FM that emphasizes strong interdisciplinary education and fosters solid research ties between MSFEA and FM.
  • Capitalizing on existing MSFEA/FM faculty expertise and laboratory facilities, available AUBMC human and capital resources, and ongoing MSFEA/FM research collaborations.
  • Creating interdisciplinary research teams composed of graduate students, laboratory engineers and scientists, postdoctoral fellows, clinical doctors, and faculty members. These research teams can potentially evolve towards interdisciplinary research centers.
  • Attracting large-scale research funding and developing collaboration agreements with established international universities, research laboratories, and companies.

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