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Program Ambassadors

​​​​​​The Ambassador Program, approved and introduced in 2017, embodies the skills, values, and knowledge which the program aims to instill in its students. A graduate(s) is appointed following a voting process to act as the program representative with a focus on increasing the community's awareness of the program, addressing student inquiries and concerns, providing students with recommendations regarding which courses to enroll in , and representing Pro-Green in local and international events related to green technology. The duration of the appointment is 2 years, and is subject to renewal.

Selection Criteria

  • Knowledge of the topics discussed in the program
  • Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal skills suitable for representing the program, working with professionals, professors, and students
  • Demonstrated involvement with and contribution to the green community
  • Must have passed all units in the preceding semesters
  • Ability to positively promote and represent the program

Ambassador Program Responsibilities​

  • Providing his/her opinion on how courses can be made better
  • Providing his/her opinion on additional courses covering different topics that can be offered
  • Representing the diploma in regional and local events
  • ​Attracting more prospects to the diploma and providing them with more information
    and guidance

  • Answering prospects' questions through social media and face to face interactions
  • Providing feedback on Green Technologies Diploma marketing, social media, and promotion efforts using material and content authorized by the Program Coordinator
  • Submitting an annual report on all activities pertaining to the tasks completed as Ambassador to the Green Technologies Program Coordinaton

Ambassador Program Opportunities

  • Job prospects
  • Gaining important leadership, teamwork, public speaking, event management and 
    mentoring skills
  • Certificate of recognition from the institution
  • Recognition on website and social media platforms, gaining personal exposure through representing the program in events, networking

​Pro-Green Ambassadors 2017-2019​ 

Shukri Habib.jpg

I would first like to say that I am proud to be from the first batch to have completed the credentials for the Pro-Green diploma at AUB. With my full-time job and busy life, the online platform has proven to be professionally challenging and rewarding as much as flexible and convenient for my tight schedule. Initially, I was a little unsure of
how smooth 

a completely online engineering program would run; however, 
I was impressed with the quality of education and teaching methods. The professors have been knowledgeable, accessible, and approachable and their experiences enriched the course materials and our knowledge as a result. Before, 
I used to hear about green initiatives from time to time, 
but now thanks to Pro-Green I know how to live it. My decisions in life and career are shaped by what I learnt 
about being green.
This program has definitely been a career-changing experience for me! I would strongly recommend it to almost any working professional. 

Mr. Shukri Habib, Buildings Specialization, AUB

onsi (1).JPG

​​​​I am happy and proud to have completed the online professional diploma in green buildings. It was a real challenge for me as a working professional married with two kids. My eagerness to continue my education in green and sustainability topics compelled me to join the diploma, and what captured my interest was not only the variety of topics the diploma offered, but also its flexibility and convenience with regards to my tight schedule. Moreover, ever since I pursued the diploma, I was able to acquire a deeper academic knowledge and incorporate it into my professional work. The diploma offered a wealth of courses that gave me the perspective needed to fully understand the green buildings concept. In addition, the technical trip to Italy and Sweden where I visited solar and wind farms, net zero and energy plus houses, and waste to energy plants, added a lot to my knowledge, and helped me develop lifelong learning skills in these technologies.
Finally, I would like to thank all Pro-Green staff and recommend this professional diploma to all professionals seeking to develop their skills and knowledge in green technologies. 

Mr. Mohammad Onsi, Buildings Specialization, LAU

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