Core Courses

​​​PRGR 601 Green Economy, Policies and Law (Syllabus) (3 cr.)
The course offers mainly an introduction to green economics with an overview of policies and law related to green economy. The course explains the axioms of green economics including: financial analysis of green alternatives related to the built environment, such as, economics and cost concepts, the time value of money, worth of green investments, and economic evaluation of green alternative choices. Analysis of green public sector projects as well as risk and uncertainty in economic evaluation, generating quantitative analysis and developing economic models that assess the impact of green investments, and their impact are also discussed.

PRGR 602 GreenTechnologies System Approach to Sustainability and Management 
(Syllabus) (3 cr.)

This course addresses the system approach to emerging sustainable technologies and its applications in the building industry in sixteen modules. A number of modules are focused on the knowledge base for the current technologies, the challenges, risks, and suitability while a few modules are focused on the application side of the technology using analysis tools.