Course Listing

​​​​​​​Summer 2020 Course Listing

The availability of courses is subject to change post the drop and add deadline June 23.

​Courses ​
​Course Title ​
PRGR 60​​1
Cor​e ​
Green Economy, Policies and Law

​​Dr. Khaled Nassar​

​PRGR 603
Solar Radiation and Energy Conversion

Dr. Amr Serag El Din

​PRGR 609
Renewable Energy Lab
2​Dr. Dima Fares
​PRGR 631
Low Energy Architecture and Passive Building Design

Dr. Alain Makhoul

​PRGR 633
Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency in Buildings

2​​Dr. Nesreen Ghaddar
​PRGR 664
Water Instrumentation
2​​Dr. Barbar Akle


​PRGR 670
Life Cycle Assessment

​Dr. Omar Elnady

​PRGR 677
Cost Beneft Analysis
Dr. Ghassan Chehab


​Project in Energy
​Dr. Dima Fares

​Project in Buildings
​Dr. Kamel Ghali/ Mr. Tony Faddoul
​Dr. Imad Emam

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