Course Listing

​Tentative Summer 2019 Course Listing

The availability of courses is subject to change post the drop and add deadline June 19.

​Course Title 
PRGR 60​​1
Cor​e ​
​Green Economy, Policies, and Law
​​Dr. Khaled Nassar
​PRGR 603
Solar Radiation & Energy Conversion 
Dr. Amr Serag El Din

​PRGR 620 
​Energy Systems and Sustainable Environments
​Dr. Wassim Habchi

​PRGR 631
​Low Energy Architecture & Passive Design​
2​​Dr. Alain Makhoul
​PRGR 633
Renewable Energy Systems & Energy Efficiency in Buildings

​Dr. Nesreen Ghaddar
​​PRGR 677
​Cost Benefit Analysis
2​​Dr. Ghassabn Chehab