Course Listing

​Tenative ​Spring 2020 Course Listing

The availability of courses is subject to change post the drop and add deadline February 27.
​Courses ​
​Course Title 
PRGR 60​​2
Cor​e ​
Green Technologies System Approach to Sustainability and Management
​​Dr. Khaled Tarabieh

​PRGR 604
Solar PV Electricity

Dr. Dima Fares
​PRGR 620
Energy Systems & Sustainable Environments
2​Dr. Wassim Habchi
​PRGR 639
Construction & Demolition Waste Management

​Dr. Issam Srour
​PRGR 643
Refrigeration and Heat Pumps
2​​Dr. Kamel Aboughali
​PRGR 664
Water Instrumentation
Dr. Barbar Akle
​PRGR 666
​Water Infrastructure Systems
2​​Dr. Emad Imam


PRGR 670
​Project in EnergyLife Cycle Assessment
​Dr. Omar El Nedy

PRGR 680
Innovation & Knowledge Transfer
​Dr. Fadl Bdeir