Course Listing

​Tentative Fall 2019 Course Listing

The availability of courses is subject to change post the drop and add deadline September 26.
​Courses ​
​Course Title 
​PRGR 601
Green Economy, Policies and Law
Dr. Khaled Nassar​​AUC
PRGR 60​​2
Cor​e ​
Green Technologies System Approach to Sustainability and Management
​​Dr. Khaled Tarabieh

​PRGR 605
Wind Energy
Mr. Tony Faddoul
​PRGR 606 
​Energy Storage
Dr. Lamiss Zaidouny


​PRGR 609
Renewable Energy Lab​
2​Dr. Dima Fares

​PRGR 630
Sustainable Preservation and Restoration of Existing Buildings

​Dr. Ghassabn Chehab
​​PRGR 643
Refrigeration and Heat Pumps​
2​​Dr. Kamel Abou Ghal

​PRGR 665
Water Basics​
Dr. Darine Salam
​PRGR 667
​Water Treatment & Water Desalination
2​​Dr. Ahmed El Gendy


​PRGR 670
​Life Cycle Assessment​
2​​Dr. Omar El Nedy

​PRGR 673
​Research Skills Development- General​
2​​Dr. Marc Haddad