Program Members

​Nesreen Ghaddar 
American University of Beirut ​
​Endowed Qatar Chair in Energy Studies & Professor of Mechanical Engineering
​Rebecca Houjaij 
American University of Beirut ​
​Project Coordinator 
​Sandrine Assaad
​​American University of Beirut ​ 
​Executive Assistant 
​Jasmine Farhat 
American University of Beirut ​ 
​Research Assistant 
​Ossama Hosny​ 
American University in Cairo 
​Professor of Construction
Ehab Abdel Rahman 
American University in Cairo ​​ 
Professor & Provost of Physics 
Raymond Ghajjar​ 
​Lebanese American University ​
​Professor & Associate Dean of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ayman Mahrous​ 
​Helwan University​
​Associate Professor of Physics & Director of Space Weather Monitoring Center 
Mamoduh Ghorab 
​Suez Canal University 
Pharamaceuticals and Chemsitry Project Officer 
​Dan Gaffner 
Lund University​ 
​Associate Professor & Senior Lecturer of Building Physics
​Elizabeth Kjellsson 
Lund University
​Associate Professor of Engineering
Jesper Arfvidsson​ 
​​Lund University
​Head of Department of Building and Environmental Technology & Professor of Building Physics 
Marcello Scalisi
​Mediterranean Universities Union​
​Director of Unimed 
​Paula Romano 
​Mediterranean Universities Union​
​International Projects and Networking Activities 
Giovanni Fracastoro​ 
Politecnico di Torino 
​Professor of Environmental Technical Physics, Head of Energy Engineering Program & Politechnico's Energy Manager 
​Marco Bonino
Politecnico di Torino 
​Consultant at Politecnico di Torino within the International Affairs Department 
​Kevin Mcdonnell​ 
University College Dublin​ 
​Senior Lecturer of Agriculture and Food Science 
​Ultan Mccarthy 
University College Dublin​ 
Visiting Researcher 

​University of Alicante
​Assistant Professor of Applied Economics 
Juan Antonio Ferriz Papi 
​Univer​sity of Alicante
​Assistant Professor