PRGR 699 E/B/W (Syllabus)

Students who have completed a minimum of 10 credits are eligible to register for the 2 credit project. Students can also suggest a topic for their project.

Previously completed projects included and are not limited to the following topics:

  • Zero Net Energy House
  • Design and Costing of a 1 MW PV Power Plant
  • Design and Costing of a 1 MW Solar Concentrator Thermal Power Plant
  • Conversion of waste cooking oil to biodiesel
  • Hydro-Pneumatic Energy Storage System
  • Design of a 1MW CSP Plant
  • Life Cycle Assessment and Energy Policy
  • Building Air-Conditioning System Powered by Solar Energy in Beirut, Lebanon
  • Net-Zero Building
  • Sustainable Retrofit of Artist Residents, Mar Mikhael, Beirut
  • Dar El Handassa HQ Project- Smart Village- Cairo- Egypt
  • Managing an oil contaminated site in Mount Lebanon
  • Evaluation of BIM use in megaprojects in Egypt: case-study approach: The Grand Egyptian Museum case study
  • Design and Operation of Sequential Batch Reactor for Nutrients Removal of Leachates
  • The ventilation and air-conditioning design of a glass greenhouse garden project in Dubai
  • A sustainability assessment of the Lebanese Electricity Sector or a policy framework/energy strategy for the Lebanese State
  • The design of Wastewater Treatment Plant for Tilal Saint Georges Housing Project
  • Installing a 116 kWp Photovoltaic solar system at rooftop of 10 floors building
  • Passive Design Building
  • Consider the impact of increasing window area for the sake of improving daylight and the impact of this on energy consumption
  • Studying the potential to install a solar PV farm on the surface of the Naameh Landfill after the completion of the final cap on top of the landfill
  • Environmental and economic analysis of a water network system using LCA​