Building Dynamics Workshop - A Pro-Green sponsored event

​​​‘Building Dynamics Workshop – Exploring Architecture of Change’ was held at AUC on Thursday 22nd Feb and was co-sponsored by ProGreen Diploma Program in collaboration with the American Institute of Architect (AIA).

It comprised a lecture by Prof. Branko Kolarevic of the University of Calgary on ‘Exploring Architecture of Change’, and it was followed by a panel discussion that included high profile panelists from both academia and the industry.

It was well received by the audience (almost 250 attendees) from young engineers and architect to industry professionals as well as academia from various Egyptian universities both state and private. The lecture and the discussions have taken around 3 hours with full audience engagement.

The event management was a joint effort between ESS and the Architecture Department of the School of Science and Engineering at AUC as well as AIA.