​​​The MSFEA Communication Initiative

​​​The MSFEA Communication Initiative seeks to improve the communication skills of engineering students, such as writing, oral presentations, data presentation and visualization. Several programs under this initiative are currently being developed and pilot tested. 

The MSFEA Guidelines for Writing in Engineering were developed as part of the Communication Initiative to address common weaknesses in student writing. Specifically, the guidelines address means to enhance the technical writing process, content, style and structure, and form. MSFEA students are encouraged to follow these guidelines in order to improve their writing throughout their coursework and professional experiences at MSFEA and beyond.​​

Chapter 1:​ The Technical Writing Process
Chapter 2: The Technical Writing Content​
Chapter 3: The Style and Structure of Technical Writing
Chapter 4: The Form of Technical Writing
Chapter 5 and 6: Concluding Remarks and Bibliography​​

A trial program under this initiative (the Technical Writing Clinic) has been launched in the Fall of 2018. This program specifically seeks to help MSFEA students with class- and research-related writing tasks. This program is thus customizable to the needs, abilities, levels, and skills of MSFEA students.

If you are working on an engineering-related writing assignment and you would like to pursue the services of the Writing Clinic Program, please fill in the form​ below to help us better understand how we can help you. ​​​​You can also book your appointment under this link​.